July 30th, 2018

Top 10 Best Selling Items from July Gift Show

At The Link Companies, we believe in examining successes to learn which products truly work. The July Gift Show was extremely busy, but certain products stood out in the bustling crowds. Here is a list of the Ten Top Selling products from our showrooms on the 16th floor!

1. Habersham Candles had the overall best selling item with the Geo Painted Desert collection. These wax pottery vessels are filled with realistic succulents and contain fragrances like Blue Agave, Prickly Pear Aloe, and Cactus Water. Handcrafted in the USA, these decorative vessels are perfect for households with children and pets as a flame-less candle alternative!

2. Duke Cannon – Granddad’s Work Bench Bundle is the top selling item for Link2Sales! This assortment is comprised of Duke Cannon’s best selling men’s gifts, which makes it a sure fire winner for any store. Not only does the display resemble an actual wooden work bench, but the sign lights up for the ultimate Duke Cannon soap experience!


3. Woodwick Candles Large Frasier Fir Candle is the smell of the holidays! Or, as Woodwick describes the scent, “the essence of fresh-cut fir on a crisp winter morning.” With 130 hours of burn time, this candle is the quintessential holiday gift!

4. Periwinkle’s Rose Gold Collection is hot for the Holidays, or any other time of year! If you’re looking for the right gift for a picky, trend-following lady, this jewelry is exactly what your customer needs. Periwinkle’s earrings are ranked #3 in the Earring category in GiftBeat Magazine. This is a tried and true product that works, and is always reflecting the latest and greatest fashions.

5. Galleria Rain Capes (12 pack of solid color reversible capes) – this 12 pack  is the perfect introduction package to the luxurious, soft-feeling rain capes that Galleria sells in both solids and in gorgeous, iconic art prints. These rain capes are reversible, water repellent, and lightweight, with invisible magnets to connect the sleeves and stay on the body. A few examples of what Galleria offers in rain capes are black/grey, navy/camel, and purple/cream in their solids, and Monet’s Waterlilies, Van Gogh’s Starry Night, and Kilimt’s “The Kiss” in their art prints.


6. Candle Warmer’s pluggable essential oil diffuser kit is next on our best seller list. These diffusers use 100% pure, therapeutic grade aromatherapy oils to turn any space into a spa-like experience. They gently warm, allowing the fragrance to disperse slowly. LED lights on the face of the dispenser can cycle through 8 different colors, or remain a single color.


7. Cool and Interesting medium sideways initial necklaces are all the rage in jewelry! Smart retailers know that initial necklaces are an easy sell. A customer comes in without the slightest idea of what to get woman? CAI’s initial necklaces are a unique, personal gift that is made by hand and all you need to know is the first letter of the person’s name!


8. Inis Energy of the Sea’s travel size cologne was a huge hit at the July gift show for Link2Sales! Inis is a unisex fragrance that’s popular in whatever size or form – as soap, moisturizer, candles, or cologne. But, the portability and convenience of the travel size bottle seems to resonate with the masses. This clean, fresh fragrance is inspired by the ocean.


9. TGB Brand’s Coco + Carmen OMG Jeans round out this list with a casual apparel item. Who wouldn’t want a pair of pants that pull on and are appropriate for daily wear that also slim the tummy area? OMG Jeans hold you in and lift you up, and are perfect for all body types. The most popular wash? Dark denim. But don’t forget about the other washes and colors to keep your options open!


10. Last but not least, Chala Handbags rounds up this best seller list with an adorable crossbody wallet featuring a Llama – whoa mama! Carry your everyday essentials in this compact bag. The most popular color is mustard, which is sure to add a pop to daily outfits.

All of our top selling items can be ordered right now on Retailerslink.com. Click the hyperlinks above to go directly to the specific vendor.

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