June 25th, 2018

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends

Fall Fashion is emerging at Market! Walking around the Atlanta Apparel show, we got a good idea of what’s hot for Fall.

Givenchy Fall 2018

Many of the sleeve details we have seen in the last few seasons will remain during the cooler weather. Off-the-shoulder tops are still relevant and can be seen in sweater form, using chunky knits or mohair fabrics.

In fact, sweaters are huge for fall, particularly with big turtleneck or V necklines. Think “Ugly Christmas Sweater,” if you want an idea of some of what this trend is about! This sweater trend is certainly not shying away from patterns. Many runway looks featured leopard print as a dominant print, even with sweaters. Stripes are huge, and we noticed a lot of sweaters and knits with rainbow color stripes.

Additionally, with tops, we are seeing buttons down the front and a tie on the bottom. This gives a 90’s feel that definitely emanates from the whole look of Fall 2018. Hoods are also back, attached to tunics, dresses, and even some of those funky-chunky sweaters.

Striped Pant Leg
Striped Pant Leg

As previously mentioned, stripes appear all over the place in Fall Fashion, including on pants. Many labels are doing a solid, patterned, or plaid pant, often cropped, with a stripe down the outside of the leg. The label’s logo will sometimes appear in this stripe, which plays into the “Logo-Mania” we are seeing a lot of this Spring through Fall. From Gucci and Fendi, to ready to wear fashion, the idea of splashing a logo on a shirt, down the side of pants, or wearing it like a name tag (Gucci) is a resuscitated 90’s heartbeat.

In addition to striped and plaid pants, denim is still huge in fashion for the upcoming season. Bell bottom jeans have made quite the comeback, and denim overalls are going from shorts to full length overalls for Fall. Structured skirts that look like office wear are being paired with funky tops, and suede and velvet are favored fabrics with skirts and pants. Knee high socks, like those worn by the lead in iconic 90’s movie Clueless, are also appearing on the radar.

J Mendel Coat featuring Pattern and Fur collar
J Mendel Coat featuring Pattern and Fur collar


As for color, most displays at Apparel Show contained deep reds, like burgundy or crimson, blush, bright, goldenrod yellows, and army green. Floral prints are all over dresses and one-piece jumpsuits. Fun prints, like animal prints or star patterns, are on trend.

Other specific on-trend items include Puffer jackets, jackets with fur collars, floral wrap dresses, Athliesure items worn as fashion looks, and boyish elements (like an army green coat) mixed with flowy, hippy dresses.

June 18th, 2018

Preparing for Market with Rachel Retailer

From the desk of Rachel Retailer: From Rachels Desk

Market Season is here and it is time to visit our friends in Atlanta! I don’t know about you, but I cannot leave without making my checklist. Here is what mine looks like:

1. Create my top vendor list:

How? Run a sales report for the last 6 months and one for the last 12 months. List my top 15 vendors and look up their showroom numbers at the Mart. Sort the list by Building and Floor.

2. Create my schedule:

How? First I used my list of vendors, sorted by floor, and decided how much time I will need to spend in the different buildings. Then I decide which days I will be working in each area.

3. Travel!

Now that my schedule is set, it is time to book my travel! I start by checking prices at

4. Book my appointments:

Now that I know which days I will be in certain areas of the Mart, I can call to schedule appointments. First I call my top 5 vendors. Then I call my favorite two reps (if not in the top 5 vendors). I then look through the rest of my vendor list and decide if I need an appointment with the rest. I find that 2 appointments a day is great; I can always fit in another two or three if needed.

5. Don’t forget meals!

Check my schedule to make sure I am near showrooms with good food. The Link Showrooms have free lunches every day. They also have breakfast and dinner with appointments. It’s worth a repeat trip for me!

6. Did I send my sales and inventory reports to my appointments?

As soon as I make an appointment I send sales and inventory information to the sales person (if I trust them). I tell them to have a suggested order ready for me when I show up and I give them a budget that I expect to spend. Different sales people handle this differently but it will always save me time, and it keeps the appointment focused and on track.

7. Download the Americasmart App! This is the best way to find my way around.

8. Packing!

  • Wear Comfy Shoes! I can walk between 5 and 10 miles a day during market, and having shoes that can help stand up to that abuse is important.
  • A Big Bag! I tell myself every year that I am not going to collect paper and catalogs, but it always seems to happen.
  • This year, I am going to try and take pictures of displays and products that I like with the room/booth number as the next picture. I hope this helps me lower my paper collection as well as help me plan for the next day.
  • A Battery Pack. I bring at least one in case I need an extra charge for my phone.
  • My Notebook (obviously!)
  • Business cards. I never seem to bring enough cards so I am bringing 100 this time.